Master of classical abstraction. Works in traditional techniques – oil painting, graphics, collage.

One of the most important and influential abstract painters in Russia, one of those whose creative work predetermined the development of Russian abstract art of the 21st century.

Sergey Brukhanov was born in 1959 in Kopeisk, a town in Urals – at the border of Europe and Asia. Artist’s world view was formed by the beauty of the Ural mountains, their powerful energy, and rich history. That is the source of his deep philosophy, beliefs in spiritual power of art, accurate thorough work at every single oil and graphic piece.

In summer 2008 Sergey Brukhanov worked in Norway. Severe nature of the Scandinavian mountains, beauty and power of the endless ocean influenced the artist deeply. It was so close to the feeling of the Urals with the endless forests around.

In Norwegian collages the artist contemplates on northern nature and the life of the Scandinavian people. He chooses calm, authentic tones, uses wide brushstrokes, and unexpected materials, such as coffee or sand. The background of these collages are local newspapers in Norwegian – these artworks still preserve news, photographs, considerable dates, which provide the informational space – the reflection of life of the Norwegian people.

But no matter in which country Sergey works, no matter which subject he chooses, all his works are luminous and united by a powerful energy. Every single piece of his creative work is a conversation with God, a reflection of a spiritual light, shining everywhere in the world – in the sea and in the mountains, in every town and in every country, in the whole planet Earth and in the whole universe, in every single human soul.